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Take your organization to a whole new level of creativity and connectivity with E-Spec’s In-Cat! extension for Adobe InDesign?.
This powerful tool can be used to create line sheets, catalogs and storyboards automatically from any standard database!

In-Cat! is an easily configurable extension that communicates with a simple web service to browse and select images and corresponding data then automatically populate a simple InDesign template file with minimal user interaction. Create your own templates, map the data from the web service to locations on your template with ease. Designate your own search criteria for browsing the database content. Select what you want and with the click of a button your InDesign catalog file is generated with images and data in a matter of seconds. Each object block is grouped and can be moved or manipulated after populating from the database. A simple click of the refresh button can update the content with current data without changing the modified layout arrangements.

The possibilities for use of In-Cat! are endless. This tool must be seen to realize how powerful it can be for your organization. Contact us today for a presentation.

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  • Available for Adobe InDesign? CS6, CC, and CC 2015.3
  • Available for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows
  • Compatible with MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

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