Who We Are

Founded in 2001, we at E-Spec, Inc. have dedicated ourselves to the idea of integrating the creative process and establishing a single point of entry solution.

What we believe

Image Is Everything

E-Spec is an Adobe® Solutions partner, which means images are at the forefront of our focus. From the creation of an image, we embed XMP data that flows through your business systems. This creates a digital image workflow through the combination of image files and related data; allowing images to flow to all systems instead of remaining locked inside a single database or location. Our suite of products and services utilize Adobe® technology to embed data within the image file; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, JPGs, PNGs and PDFs; so the files become self-aware, allowing the image to drive your business.

Don't Replace, Integrate

We automate data transfer. Our applications ensure your data is in synch across multiple systems; data is entered into the originating application and is available in “downstream” applications without rekeying the data again and again. We provide tools and services for creation, management, and sharing of “smart” documents and images and for integration with a wide range of leading PDM/PLM and ERP systems.

Single Point of Entry

At E-Spec, Inc., our approach is different. We make your current applications and technological investment perform as an enterprise system rather than “islands of data”. We bridge the gap between the creative and the analytical; between Design and Engineering; between Macintosh® and Windows®. Rather than replace your applications with a single mega-application, we Plug-In our solutions, leading to faster implementations with more flexibility.