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In a visual world an image is everything; and everyone wants a piece.

Having the current version of an image, in the right file format, in the right place for each person who needs it in an organization is a considerable task.

Adobe Illustrator® has become the de-facto standard for creating product designs and illustrations. As not everyone needs or can accommodate the native Adobe Illustrator file format and the burden of generating standard file format copies is left to the creative branch of our business, taking the focus off of design. Now they must ensure that a JPEG is generated and in the right place for every change to each image, vastly increasing their workload.

E-Spec Convert-It! automates the creation of these files to meet the image needs of your organization. When the Adobe Illustrator® file is created or edited, E-Spec Convert-It! automatically creates JPEG, PNG, PSD and/or PDF files in specified target locations.

Convert-It! delivers your files to where they are needed:

  • Product specification package
  • Online Media Catalog
  • Line Plans and Marketing boards
  • Line Sheets and other Sales tools
  • To Product Development for their technical sketches
  • The rest of your organization.

This simple solution to a complex problem will help ease the workload of your creative staff, increasing their productivity of creative output, while still meeting the demand for a high quality standard file format to be available to the rest of the organization. The benefits are clear: reduce redundant work, save time, increased productivity and accuracy, and lower costs.

Maximize the efficiency of Adobe illustrator® and benefit from seamless access to your valuable graphics files across your organization. Make your designers and everyone else that uses those images more efficient with E-Spec Convert-It!.

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On Save Trigger

Set a location on the network as a watched target and anytime an Illustrator file is saved to that location alternate file format copies will be generated automatcially.

Multiple Output File Formats

Generate any combination of JPG, PNG, PSD or PDF versions of your images automatically as they are saved.

Layer and Artboard Separation

Enable options to divide your Illustrator file into multiple JPG, PNG, PSD or PDF files separating by artboard of layer. Each output file generated will retain the same file name as the original image with the name of the layer or artboard appended.

Sublayer Separation

When using layer separation, choose the option to include sublayer separation to create output files using the parent layer by itself then again with each sublayer one at a time.

Alternate Output Locations

Redirect the generated output files to alternate locations on the network. Save your Illustrator files on your desktop while having JPGs sent to the sourcing department image store and PNGs sent to marketing simultaneously.

Tag-It! Integration with Output Filing

Combine Convert-It! with Tag-It! for Illustrator to gather standard and custom XMP metadata on save. Using the optional output filing feature, build a folder tree in the output location of your files using the entered XMP data as the folder names.


Enable the optional watermark feature to automaically apply a swatch image overlay to output files as they are generated without having to alter your original Illustrator image.


  • Available for Adobe Illustrator® CS6, CC2017, and CC2018
  • Available for both Mac OS and Windows
  • Configure multiple locations as designated watched folders
  • Watched folder locations can be local or network shared folders
  • Optional integration available with E-Spec's Tag-It! for Illustrator allows tagging of the file with contextual metadata
  • Optional E-Spec Tag-It! for Illustrator data carries over to all output JPG, PNG, PSD and PDF files
  • Optional integration available with E-Spec's Route-It! for Illustrator allows the posting of output image files and metadata to waiting business systems and/or online services

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