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A picture is worth a thousand words and now with E-Spec’s Tag-It! for Illustrator, it is worth even more. With Tag-It! for Illustrator, when an image is created in Adobe Illustrator, information is captured up front and embedded within the image. This embedded information, called XMP metadata, stays with the image as it travels throughout your organization. This metadata can then be used for searching, cataloging, or feeding to other systems or users who access that digital file. As the information is updated, the updates follow the image and flow accordingly to your business rules.

Tag-It! for Illustrator is engineered to watch for specific predefined locations on the user’s computer or network and upon saving of an Illustrator file to one of those locations, a window will pop up allowing the user to enter the required metadata which is embedded into the file. The process is seamless to the end user and facilitates the information flow as soon as it is known at the point of origin. There is no need to wait until a style has been further developed and then have to rush to get everything done.

The information captured is determined by you. What information is important to your organization? The metadata can be anything from a simple description to a complete listing of the creative work. The type of data can be free text, date and time, selections from a pre-defined list, or even a reference to an external list from a file or database. Tag-It! for Illustrator allows you to plug it in and configure to meet your companies specific data requirements.

Make your images worth more than a thousand words with E-Spec’s Tag-It! for Illustrator.

Having difficulty finding media files on your network?

Tag AI files with custom attributes for categorization. Each file will contain the attributes embedded inside that can then be used to refine searches with tools like Adobe Bridge or business systems like Digital Asset Management, Product Lifecycle Management, or Enterprise Resource Planning.

Trouble tracking down exported copies of your AI files?

Integrate Tag-It! with Convert-It! and automatically generate standard file format copies of your AI file on save. All the attributes embedded into the original AI file will carry over to the generated copies allowing everyone to find and share the same information version of the truth.

Need to enforce specific business taxonomy?

Easily establish controlled validated content using centralized pick lists, required fields, default values, or hidden standard values such as copyrights and usage terms.

Spending too much time cycling through file info tabs?

Consolidate all of your XMP schemas into one convenient entry screen combining standard schemas like EXIF or IPTC with multiple company specific custom schemas. Create a single point of entry for all of your tagging needs.

Keep the creativity in your designs, not in how your data is catalogued. Tag it once; tag it right; find what you need every time with E-Spec Tag-It! Desktop

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  • Available for both Mac OS and Windows
  • Available for Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC2017, and CC 2018
  • XML based field definitions
  • Reference XML vocabularies from network shares
  • Integration available with Convert-It!

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