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E-Spec's Tag-It! Desktop application is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that allows a user to easily enter attributes to be recorded and embedded into media files as XMP metadata. XMP metadata opens up the possibilities of capturing information about the file and embedding within so the information travels with the media file throughout the business workflow. The file becomes self aware, carrying with it all the necessary identifying and descriptive information to each destination.

How can Tag-It! Desktop help your organization?

Having difficulty finding media files on your network?

Tag media files with custom attributes for categorization. Each file will contain the attributes embedded inside that can then be used to refine searches with tools like Adobe Bridge or business systems like Digital Asset Management, Product Lifecycle Management, or Enterprise Resource Planning.

Tired of opening each file one at time to enter metadata?

Tag-It! Desktop is capable of tagging files in bulk with like metadata. Simply drag-and-drop a group selection of files and enter the relevant metadata once that will be applied to all files simultaneously.

Trouble maintaining a consistent folder filing structure for media files?

Let Tag-It! Desktop create the folder tree automatically from the entered metadata. Using constrained pick lists users can make consistent choices allowing workgroups to organize and find media files quickly. No more typos or non-descript arbitrary folders cluttering your folder tree.

Need to enforce specific business taxonomy?

Easily establish controlled validated content using centralized pick lists, required fields, default values, or hidden standard values such as copyrights and usage terms.

Spending too much time cycling through file info tabs?

Consolidate all of your XMP schemas into one convenient entry screen combining standard schemas like EXIF or IPTC with multiple company specific custom schemas. Create a single point of entry for all of your tagging needs.

Keep the creativity in your designs, not in how your data is catalogued. Tag it once; tag it right; find what you need every time with E-Spec Tag-It! Desktop

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  • Available for Mac OS and Windows
  • Supports any combination of standard and custom XMP field definitions
  • Configurable data field types including dependant filtered pick lists
  • Intuitive drag and drop user interface
  • Supported Field Types: Pick lists, Dependent Pick Lists, Text, Multiline Text, Date, and Checkbox
  • Supported Image File Formats: AI, PSD, Adobe PDF, INDD, EPS, JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Supported Video File Formats: MOV, MPG, AVI, WMV, M4V
  • Supported Audio File Formats: MP3, M4A, M4P, M4B

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