Implement a Digital Media Workflow Today

Many businesses find themselves in the situation of having systems that perform their intended function well, but don't work together. Many key items need to be entered time and again into disparate systems while creative staff is burdened with the responsibility of keeping all of these systems up to date with most current revisions.

E-Spec’s product suite automates the hand-offs between your existing systems, plugs up the holes and allows you to maximize your investments in Adobe® applications integrating with a variety of proprietary business systems.

E-Spec, Inc. provides out of the box applications that “Plug-in”, evolving your current system infrastructure rather than replacing it with a single mega-application. This approach brings results: faster, cheaper and with more flexibility.

Your organization now benefits from user buy in. Your staff continues to work in the applications they already know on the platform, MAC or Windows, they are already used to. With less time focused on system maintenance, they have more time to be creative.

Let E-Spec show you how to leverage your current technology investment and implement a digital media workflow by integrating - not replacing.

Our Process


We start by observing and analysing how your business creates and consumes digital media


We then design a business process around identifying digital media files at the time of creation and automating their distribution downstream


Integration points are developed between backend business systems allowing media and data to flow smoothly downstream


E-Spec products are delivered and configured specific to your business requirements

Our Expertise

  •   Digital Media Workflow
  •   Adobe Integration
  •   PLM Integration
  •   Process Consultation

Your images have a lifecycle of their own. Streamline the lifecyle of your images—artwork, catalog, technical sketches, photographs. Our application picks up attributes along the way and keeps them with the image through the entire cycle. When changes happen to the attributes the information is readily available and refreshed as needed even in your catalog layout pages.

For many Adobe users, the product they are most comfortable working in is the one they work in for most of the day. Let them remain there and have their images update various systems automatically.

The laborious process of getting images –especially the right images in the right format just got easier. With our integration to various PLM systems, let our system do the work for you.

Our team has experience analyzing business and making recommendations to help you streamline your business processes. The improvements eliminate redundancies, build better data integrity and with that help save a lot of money because of fewer mistakes and faster turn around.

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